Boys in the jungle pt1

Back in April I went on a vacation to NYC with my boy Emilio. Now I know most normal folks get can afford to take lavish vacations to one biggest city’s in the world just to take some shitty street photos that you will see just by running through the #NYCstreetphotography hashtag; don’t get it twisted I realize it was a blessing. Letting the bull-shit at work slide, saving up for about 6 months and keeping my mouth shut when necessary was a given. At the time I was working at small hotel chain in my hotel that gave me a pretty big discount on a hotel on the outskirts on NYC. My boss at the time was a pretty cool guy; who didn’t mind giving a brother a day off.
Yea there was some hate from other employees who didn’t understand how I could afford to pay rent and bills while working two part time jobs and still be able to afford to take vacations but its whatever fuck’em. My theory is that if you are willing to work you can have anything in this world. You have to learn how to prioritize and have a goal oriented mind. There is always going to be haters no matter what you do. Don’t pay any attention to the ones who have time to waste hating and not learning how the game really works.

The best part about working at a hotel kitchen; you get to to sleep in 4 star hotels for 57$ bones a night.

“What are you shooting at”

2Air trolley New Jersey, excuse the smug.



Our first stop was Time square where you could find all of your favorite Disneyland characters and the biggest amount of tourists.

Once we were off the train and walking the streets of Manhattan no one was safe and it was so easy to snap away. It didn’t matter if I had my camera on silent mode or not; either people didn’t notice or they were to busy in the swing of things. I probably looked like a mark carrying a camera around looking like a tourist.I didn’t know anyone up there so I was forced to play the tourist game. i cannot be mad though; its whats I came to do.

Tht hatttt

6Crookie Monster, Minty Mouse and Almo are in no way affiliated with Disney.

7Time square is bumping constantly with new tourist coming in every hour. Between them and the pan handlers I bet there is always work to be found up there; if not work there are always photos to be taken.

8that future

Toynbee tiles are found throughout Manhattan and some other major cities, and I guess some exist in Santiago, Chile. These tiles are wrapped in tar paper and then coated with some type of insane glue. As cars pass over them the tar paper degrades and the only thing that is left is the tiles stuck to the street.
There are quotes and mad man rambling written on them. I don’t believe they ever found out who placed them. Its pretty sick though because its one of the earliest forms of vandalism. How can not respect anyone whose work last decades?

9Wayne 2016

hell-beansPuffy jackets are coming back like the 90’s



Look at this guy. The motion, the SW@g attire. Everything about this guy screams “ Trick ass mark” but Everyone has a different style of doing things. Who am I to hate? Most of the time I’m wearing dark colors with a black dickies beanie on. To this guy I probably look like someone who sits at home all day and listens to The Cure on vinyl while crying and cutting myself.


I need to use my film camera more.


15-copy90% of the people in  the world are walking around with broken hearts so wh are you to complain about being lonely.

It seems like a really cool place to live you know? With something constantly happening anywhere in the city and so many random people to photographer it seems like a perfect place to shoot.
For the most part it is. Its a grimy place, and with the “Urban landscape” (garbage and homeless people everywhere) it seems like a street photographers dream.



Something really freaked me out about this place. Idk if it was because my feet were hurting, or the social structure of it.  But there is something wrong with Manhatten. The system is broken. People just ignore the homeless. I can understand if you don’t have any change to give them…. Shit I can even understand if you don’t want to give your money to anyone for free but to completely ignore another human being asking for help just doesn’t seem right to me.

17Hii power

19Mahogany Queen

enderGame over; End screen achieved

What can I say Manhattan is a hell of a place. A lot of wealthy people dressed up in the most trendy styles; 100k Rolls Royce’s just driving through the city not worried about one pot whole ruining there smooth ride. If you were to take look out of your passenger window you’d be able to see the shitty side of the city. With the homeless and over flood of garbage, with as many shattered dreams  as there is broken hearts. Thanks for reading Im working on NYC Part2 so just be patient and don’t allow the mundane to break your already broken heart.

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