Boys in the jungle PT2

There were so many people throughout that city I couldn’t stop taking photos of them.  It was fast pace and we were trying to walk as much as Manhattan as we could. We walked from Penn station to Wallstreet during the second day.I took some pictures of some objects and stuff, but mainly I was there to people watch. Studying the internationally infamous “New Yorker” the people who live in the most cut throat city.

1Can I help you?

It wasn’t long before I started realizing that I wasn’t really in New York. I was in Manhattan; I was lucky if I saw anyone who wasn’t a tourist. It wasn’t to hard to get over though. So what if I wasn’t going to be able to get the real New York City street photos that I see from Garry Winogrand & Joel Meyerowitz? I was still shooting photos, i just had to make the best out of the situation you know?

2Just had to do my own thing.

56If you see a mirror you might as well take a selfie just to make sure people know you were there.


When I got back home and started going through the photos i saw that I had well over 600 photos of people and not even close to 50 photos of things that would gain me street cred aka garbage taken with film cameras, no badass poses in front of landmarks let alone any graffiti.
9Lonely heart club

Emilio actually rolled his ankle the day before we left for NYC. Thanks again Emilio for walking all of Mahattan in 3 days just so we could street shoot.

12Dead minion

On our way to WallStreet anxiety was starting to kick in, we were getting bored of the place, or just jaded over just taking so many photos. We started trying to get back in to the swing of things by using the flash that comes with the camera. I got some hits and misses; I was surprised that no one said anything to me.

x2 Flash technique

15im surprised I got I even got one photo in focus. Im also surprised no one beat my ass in a coke fulled rage.


18CBD old mixed with water for healthy bones.

Idk how she is going to feel about that portrait though.

Central park was dope; a lot of people enjoying the nice weather.  It was actually pretty nice compared to the parks back home where you are most likely to see abandon orange needle caps, plastic 40 bottles, and old joint roaches.

International puffy coat club

22NYC is filled with lonely people

23Puffy Jackets, look good no matter how you wear them.

24Met this dog Shelly somewhere near Yorkville. The owner asked where we were from “Oh you’re from Pittsburgh? They every build anything there?” all we got is pollution my man.

25welcome to the dark side.

Make sure your colors correct.

Dead ass meme

Rock out

New york city was so much fun, it was kinda hectic at time, but nothing threating towards me, Maybe one suit on wallstreet said some shit about the flash, but other than that shit was just fine. Ate well, slept well and snapped correctly. Traveling  is is really nice and from this point im going to try to try to always say yes when my pockets aren’t as tight. Im saving up for a Film scanner right now, with Walgreens charging a brother an arm and leg for some prints. So with travelling to shoot street is on the back burner, but once im able to get this scanner ill be back on my street grind. Thanks for reading. like always I do appreciate the time taken to read these shitty articles filled with garbage grammar and random photos.

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