August 8/29/16

This august I didn’t go down to Pittsburgh to shoot street,  actually it was mainly a month to chill in Fayettenam with the boys and girls. i went to the county fair with the boys drunk and zoning on some shrooms. Took a 9 hour drive to NC to visit family for 1 day.


Onwasa county boy

I was born in NC; when I was 4 my mother and father separated and I moved up to Pa to live with my grandparents while my father was in the military. I recently got in contact with my mother and she wanted to see her baby boy. I figured it would be nice to see the fam, I haven’t seen her since I was 11.
I had a vacation coming up from work; so I figure it was possible. My boy youth and his girl were down to take a ride down there with me. Which was really cool of them because they have a much nicer car.  2Monument to NC Beach life

3Philly steak and cheese patty. 4Youth


6We all get distracted the question is would you bounce back or bounce backwards

The person behind the register was arguing with another customer about how he did pay to go on the pier “nah man you don’t have to pay now, I personally don’t want the dollar. Just know that your shit for sneaking in”

7Ocean breaths salt.

8Little Nicaraguan woman who likes to be called “momma” and wear skateboarding shirts.

99 hours, 100 degree weather no ac type of drive.

10Prepare for the fair

I went to the local fair that comes around every year. I was a little to distracted to get a lot of flicks.
Im sure being drunk and high didn’t help. Some of the crew was tripping on mush as well. Im not one to handle my hallucinogens well. So doing shrooms wasn’t on my list.


11Tattoo & Decal shop

Idk why but there is something about the fair that makes it more difficult to shoot wihout getting caught. Idk why I feel like people may be more offend if they caught me12Hip shots.

I don’t ride to many Rides; yea I’m a little scared I’m not going to front. It does give me time to walk around and take photos though.



Sweating it all out

16.1petting zoos aren’t cool16Cute girls make brave boys.


Mammacita told me “you are either corny or an opportunist”


Been hangin out with my brother and his family a lot lately while he is living in the hood for a bit.


20I don’t ask for portraits to often but when I do it’s usually because a person catches my eye, either by what they are wearing or something they said.

This is Ricky. Ricky talks way to much about his person life. I only knew rick for an hour and he tells me that he got out of jail recently for getting in a fight with his baby momma while she was pregnant in the hospital. He just recently got out and came down to visit her from Pittsburgh. He was rocking 200 dollar jordans, and if you look on his left forearm you’ll see his “I’m so raw” scroll tattoo. I don’t know the situation between ricky and his girl. she was there, but I don’t think she was down for me taking a photo.
Ricky was down though.  Rule one of life; kids don’t be like Ricky and fight your girl ( who has a good 75 pounds on you) in the hospital. You will go to jail for a year and come back with bad tattoos.
*but I will say he came back rocking some $200 jordans



Written in blood?


Paint the corner into you.


Drove an hour to see my friends band.


Behind the back hip shot

26Hanging out with pretty girls who have no business hanging out with me.

27creeping in the boys room with celebs28

Look momma im a Star

Man August was dope actually. Chillin with pretty girls and the local boys. Being scum going to the fair with twisted minds and smelling of good weed right next to that happy family showing little johnny the joys of over eating and depressed petting zoos. Lets hopes this trend of good times continues over the next the next couple of months. Thanks for coming though and giving it a read & keeping up with the blog.

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