Over the pasted couple of month if you wanted to catch me id usually be in the hood chillin with my brother. Probably drinking a 40 while pondering life vast infinite cesspool of problems. Im lucky and I count my blessing as much as I can remember to, this last weekend I drove up to Pittsburgh to chill with my boy Emilio and walk around the steel city taking flicks. It’s nice to get out of the small town every month or so to shoot the city. Emilio is the perfect person to shoot Pittsburgh with. He knows where all the spots are and when would be a good time to shoot. I’m not saying we didn’t get stuck in traffic, or that i got 100 perfect shots.

1 is it cool if I show up around 11 at night, so you can wake me up at 8:15 am so we can shoot?

Like I said im blessed and I know it. I don’t know  to many people who’d let me show up at their house in the middle of the night so I can shoot photos with them the next morning.

2Elixir of life  k


3-1Pittsburgh back porch art scene

Always the dirty kid in high school
5Great Expectations

I got a camera to actually shoot street and I’ve been carrying it around for about a year and a couple months now. Practice makes perfect, unfortunately I haven’t been shooting street for the pasted couple months, Women, work and having a pet ferret doesnt make the situation any eaiser. Forgive me though im not making excuses, I’m no perfect man. Its not as easy as picking up my camera and going for it. I got to spend one day in the city and I got some hits and misses, im just here to try my best and way away leaving nothing to prove I was there. just a fly on a wall trying to blend in.

6a place where everyone works

Emilio took me to the downtown area in the morning figuring that we be able to get away with alot more just because people were so busy. Its an industrial city, most of the people i saw were in uniform.

7Some people noticed us taking photos; some got mad and some didn’t. This woman asked “if it turned out right” I told her it didn’t and she posed for another one.

8Unfortunately not everyone asked to have their photo retaken.

9Rose gold for my old ho’s if they ain’t satisfied then i set them down

10Lets get fuckd bro


12I feel bad for whoever makes this decision.
13Are you assuming my gender because of what i photograph?
456had to come back to the apartment, E had a job interview.
17Oriental Grocery store18Laid out.
“What are you guys taking photos of? take a photo of me”
“wait let me light a cigarette”

22“Is that the lead singer of smash mount on your shirt?”

Emilio and Maddie took me to a junk shop. You could buy a pound of family photos from the 70s-80s for 35 dollars there. they also had a box of old film cameras.

23“you’re going to reap, just what you sow”

A few months ago I made a contact in my small town at a print shop. I can get all my photos printed for the cheap.  Its not a bad idea, but the idea of my art wasting away at a hipster junk swag shop is really depressing.




First off I want to say thank you to Maddy and Emilio for showing me around the city. Connecting with other people is whats its all about; i know its not easy to get along with everyone all the time. it takes patience and thick skin. Most people are way to busy with there personal issues to make time for other people. So thank you again for showing this ignorant fuck your city. I hope i can come down again; i bet it would be dope to shoot in the Winter. The one thing i noticed is that city wants you to feed it; so you might as well feed the monster so you can feed yourself
thanks again for reading.

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