When Sept ends….

The hot summer sun is on its way out; and its starting to become black Dickie toboggan and black hoody weather . I cant lie September Has been good to us. We aren’t letting the worlds negatives take us to hell. Life has its ups and downs; we all go through it though; so who am I to complain.  Any day I wake up and can feed mine and pick up my camera is a good day. But don’t think I am lying to myself; I see the negatives and I know tht life isn’t easy, far from rose colored glasses. Every day is a battle my brother and perception is key. I can focus on the negatives such as my best friends having shitty drug habits, shitty situations at my big business job factory job, money issues and of course my addiction to being a product of my environment.
if I focus on the negatives of my relationships with life I doubt id be able to make all of these photos I share with you guys, let alone do anything productive. I know it feels like a lie, and the truth is no one will be able to understand your situation. Think about it though; as long as you some food and some good friends to talk to, 5 dollars in your pocket,  shit even a roof over your head you are blessed. So lay back and allow the images below to let you see the positive; because we are all going through hell, so lets laugh at the Idea that we are just living in the mundane and  its isn’t going to get any better.



dscf6940“latch on to that clit, like a sucker fish”

Went an explored abandoned buildings by my lonesome.


If the subject of a photograph could represent a genre of music of course photos of graf would be hip- hop thats common knowledge. But I pray photographs of garbage on the ground would be punk rock.



stop snitching on yourself.


ziggy-protectI need to visit gram more often.


Free advertisement


Riding with gram

Flea markets are a big thing in my county, so much junk in my depressed area that people have to buy it. Ive never pictured myself with a lot knowing im just going to become dirt in the ground.  Why would I waste money on knick knacks and shit that I cannot eat.


Puppy love


Golden Brown

dscf6864Cameo and mullets


Sons of anarchy



timexPriceless jewelry found in the hood


At this point rick was feeding his son while his baby momma was talking shit. Stay positive brotha.





Little Devil

cat1Stress is real. It will quickly shorten your life. On my way to the picnic I met this 10pound cat “Little devil”. Little devil’s owner went on vacation and left him over a friends house. well of course this animal got stressed out about the separation and decided that he wasn’t going to piss anymore so he got hooked up with a catheter.


Luckily enough I was invited to a Ferret picnic this month and I got to see the full on dedication the animal.  Ferret owners are a nothing but overly dedicated people; any person ive ever met that owned one has been little out there. it’s not bad to be weird though, people who have enough room in there heart for any pet is admirable.


od-pt2Tatted up shawty


“I was the first person to ever feed ferrets raw meat”








Shannon is Overly Dedicated.

The ferret picnic was a blast. The free food was a plus, and the people were chill.
During the last weekend my friend decided that we needed a camping trip just to get everyone together.It’s nice when you and your close circle get together and there aren’t any bad vibes. No one is hating, no chance of a fight breaking out.


“When shit hits the fan, is you still a fan”

We started the trip with the idea of going to a  mountains and going to a classic spot that my brothers had been to before. Unfortunately after driving my subie through mud and clusters of sky scrapping rocks tearing into the undercarriage of my baby we hit a fence that we couldn’t cross. The crew was getting pretty bummed out by the who situation; without hesitation my boy Jake said we could just crash in his late grandparents backyard.



So what if I wasn’t going to experience the wilderness camping experience. life is full of harsh realities of unexpected let downs; so why should I let this bum me out? I was just happy to chill with my friends without having to worry about shit you know?


“Stop running around the tent with your shoes on”



Long live your idols, may then never be your rivals.


Do it for the blog.



Drinking with future doctors?



So im not going to lie once the option of sleeping in the house was given I was quick to take it. Im not worried about sleeping outside with the bugs, and snakes. Im not worried about the cold; my gram taught me how to bundle up.  There is something about sleeping in a bed; maybe its because my spoiled self.
Like I said in the beginning September has done nothing but show me good things. The negative were there im not saying it was all Noodles and PBR; but im learning that I cannot spaz over every problem. You have to pick your own battles and weigh out if the rewards are worth more than letting go of your insecurities.
So October is right around the corner, everyone I know is a huge fan of it. So I hope ill be able get some good shots. Stay busy friends, and keep me entertained. Thanks for reading and stay positive because it could always be worse.


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