Lawrenceville&Halloween parties

Sorry for the lack of photos and posts but your boys been busy from parties, an interview, trying to move up at the workplace, and lets not forget about moments of anxiety and depression that cultivate in any realists mind. I’m not too confident of a person; walking around thinking I’m the shit has got me caught in too many times.
This last weekend I went to Lawrenceville to pay a visit to my boy Emilio. He was going to help me pick out photos for an interview. An outside perspective is always good to have, mainly so I didn’t just pick my personal favorites. Siphoning through the garbage wasn’t something I wanted to do by myself.
Vegan mouse
Do vegan restaurants care about there no vegan customers?

After we woke up I was invited to eat at this vegan restaurant called “B-52’s” which is a name of a new wave band from the 70’s (they  wrote the theme song from Rocko’s Modern Life). Well despite the cool name and the delicious tofu scrambled they served up, what was lacking was their coffee. It’s a damn shame to tell the truth. Food is food, i don’t care what it is made out of as long as it taste good. Call me cheap, but you can’t charge me 18$ and for animal safe food and expect me not be openly disappointed when your coffee is shit…


Emilio had to go to a wedding and I was stuck in Lawrenceville for a couple more hours with nothing but a bad taste of coffee. There is a gas station down the road from there house so I figured I’d go there, and pick up a cup of coffee and see if I can find anything interesting to shoot.


dscf7475Baby girl I can’t give you the world, how do you feel about the moon.

dscf7477Lost Locs.
dscf7483Throwback whipskidscf7486
dscf7492Happy birthday baby girl. dscf7488

I mean this can’t be an October post without images from a freshman college party. I couldn’t help feeling comfortable Surrounded by my inner circle. drinking spiked kool-aid,

Cheat sheet

Lately ive have been thinking about how I am starting to old for these parties. Sure the sluts stay the same age, and they are getting even better at dressing like sluts. My friends are still getting wild and making them fun.

booThere is one thing I know, you don’t invite all of your close friends to your freshman girlfriend’s place for a Halloween party.

make-hits“Hey man can you focus on our picture?”
dscf7612-copydscf7613-copyMy eternal love for girls dressing like Mia Wallace from Pulp fiction

This is when everything started to get really dark. Someone put on Black Sabbath’s war pigs and N.I.B and this is when shit hit the fan. We were throwing glow sticks and paper plates, and someone picked up a pillow and decided it was a good Id0ea to toss also. Soon enough the glow sticks busted open and the glow juice went everywhere. I couldn’t take any photos of the mayhem because I had to participate.


After we got yelled at by the girlfriend, it was time to go smoke. By the time we came back in the house was being cleaned up, by everyone who wasn’t joining in on the mayhem(and one really pissed off girlfriend).  What can I say though, you don’t play N.I.B at your girls friends Halloween party and expect shit to be copacetic


How long can I make photos of things people don’t care about? Photos of Drugs and good times don’t sell like million dollars photos of potatoes. I don’t see any magazines emailing your boy to travel the world anytime soon. Your boys going to do this for as long as he can hold this camera. Thanks again for reading,  tell your friends and family about us.

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