October times

I’ve been thinking about time travel lately, not like some ridiculous object that can travel through time, like a hot tub or a phone booth, nah my shit wouldn’t be lame like that… i would hope it would be something edible probably be some pill, or cosmic brownie. I’d probably go and shoot some historical events without trying to change the outcome. That’s where a lot of these time machine/scfi flicks make there mistake. Your boy has seen stiensgate, and the butterfly effect too many times to miss out on the lesson. Im just trying to be a fly on the wall and just take some historic flicks, you know? I don’t know where I would go, maybe Newyork on 9/11, or how about the civil war? Chillin with Martin Luther king would be pretty dope. Same thing when it comes to changing events in my past so things can turn out better, id probably keeps things just as they are. Everything that I am to this day came from the shitty situations I was placed in. I cannot imagine where I would be if I never got kicked out of my family’s house the summer after I graduated. I was pretty upset with my family when I was asked to leave, no way I was going to be able to go to college, shittt a mother fucker didn’t even have a driver’s license, no job and no cash in my pockets. No idea of where I wanted to go in my life. Over time I got over it and was forced to learn how to roll with the punches and life’s negatives, and came to terms with the fact it made me a much stronger person. Forcing me to focus on where I wanted to be in the next ten years, and try to make my life as easy as possible, not getting caught up in the trap.
Welcome to the October post, lets see where I these last 8 years have got me.


My friends>your friends

Focusing on a career isn’t something I try not pride myself,  im not going to lie, having a decent job that allows me to have control of my free time and give me the opportunity to move up and actually make decent money is nice, but if I lost it I don’t think it would be as detrimental  as I think it would be, yea finding a new job would be annoying,  your boy still lives like he did when he made $8.50 an hour. id just get some lame job and continue with my life. Whatever happens in life is meant to happen. Who am I to argue with the fates?


The connections I’ve made throughout these last eight years might seem sketchy and unattractive, but these people mean the most. I don’t know too many pushers who would have called me to come through with my camera and let me photograph the unpacking experience.


Hand Plant

If you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth; you cannot come at people with a bitter attitude just because you have a chip on your shoulders. Maybe, if I would have been able to stay and home went to school id be in a much better place, I couldn’t tell you? All I can do is be happy where I am now.  I doubt I would have such a tight circle I have now, i have people I can count on if needed.





mixing-hand-bookNot all of my friends need to strum a guitar to make music.


Matching Jean jackets


jenkins-colorNot all of my friends give a fuck about time travel.

For my boys girlfriends birthday we went down to Pittsburgh to street shoot and hit a couple bars for drinks. Well that’s what I was told we were going to do, but the truth is we went and shot for 30 minutes. Then we went to a lot of bars to drink.. Which isn’t a problem I don’t mind not going Street shooting. I can still make photos of my personal life. Unfortunately my battery died and I just ended up getting hammered.



dscf7635“Every time I try to get a peace of mind”

dscf7638dscf7646While we went out shooting Dee wanted to take a portrait of me, while she was trying to figure out the flash. Some old head stopped and tried to give us some pointers, “use a receipt paper to make the flash softer”

dscf7652Culturally pleasing?


Happy birthday Dee

There were a lot of shows in October I just made it back from a Searights show in pittsburgh.



Classic original white girl tattoo


Rap group

getting-stared-downblah-blah-blah“so what are you? like the back up photographer?”

All around October was dope, I would of never of been able to bring you these photos if it wasn’t for the shitty situations that I have been given. Like I said in the beginning when I first got kicked out of my family’s house 8 years ago I would of never thought I would be living this well; let alone have a great circle of friend around me.  What can I say though, things just turned out for your boy. I might not have a lot, your boy is still eating bogus burgers with mystery meat, buying papers instead of blunts just to save that loot.  Still rattling in the old hoop-d, the come up is slow, the money is slower. It will all pan out one day right? If not its cool fuck it. being content at the end of the day is the goal, and learning how to appreciate the positives and negatives is the choice.

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