Old rolls,new year

Damn, these winter month are fucking miserable. The only time I catch myself leaving my house is when i’m leaving for work, or on the rare occasion one of my friends picks up the phone. Its not secret that the winter effects on emotions, bring out cuffing season, and the loneliness comes out in full effect. Every winter it’s been the same thing for the last 5 years for your boy. Work 5 days a week from 1 am till 3-4 pm, from the last week of November till the day after Christmas at work. Every year at the end of the busy season I ask myself is it even worth the hassle? Sure, im making that money and im usually so busy that I cannot get caught up in stupid shit, but is it worth my body aching? My knees, and legs feeling like jelly. This is the first year I choose not to take all the overtime at work and just take it easy. I decided that I didn’t need to go out as much this year, and save it all up. Not destroying my body for that almighty dollar has been nice, sleeping in and eating well.
The strong blue collar culture that surrounds my small town is so bitter sweet, if you aren’t working your life away you are labeled a well-fare junkie, or a lazy bum. You just end up being judged, I’m not saying working 15 hour days because you need to money is a bad thing, if you’re hungry take that loot, money is power and more power to you. I see so many people come through my job during the winter season just to get some extra cash for their families for the Christmas season. All I’m saying is that some people (and I suffered from this trap aswell) have this mindset about money, idk if it’s the love of it or the fear of not having enough, but they are willing to work their lives away for it, aswell as destroy their bodies, and family lives.
I’m not saying that money isn’t important, It’s how I pay rent, provide for what mine and what is important, I don’t live off of anyone, not saying I’m proud of this, but what I’m saying is I know the value of a dollar. I know if you don’t spend yours up, trying to ball out & have the most badass instagram photos you might not have to work your life away, i know tht i value my free time more then any dollar.  This is mainly an update of life & the brittle winter cold season.


Behold the elusive chicken nugget



Having this mindset of less being more comes with some consequences, sure im not riding around in a 45K car, but I am enjoying this nuggets, and teeth decaying soda that is destroying my body& mind. Im not eating the most healthy food. Shit I’m not even eating it with some beautiful dame, but I am enjoying it thinking about what matter most.

snake-boyMy boy J invited me to go to a huge reptile expo, I didn’t get to many flicks but maybe if I got a couple more times ill do a post off of it.


Have you ever heard that story of the woman who found a snake that had its tail a little damaged? Well you know young woman finds a helpless snake, and being the caring person she is takes this poor snake home feeds it, and cares for it. one day as she is feeding the snake it turns around and bites her in the side of the neck. Devastated, the woman asks “why would you do this to me? I fed you and housed you, out of pure love?”
The snake replies ““listen you knew what you were getting into brought me home”


Reticulated python

No fear in my heart from any of these snakes. Keep in mind though…I know it’s a snake, I’m not going to walk up on it and try to be its best friend

dscf3149Black and white Argentine tegu


Ive been able to go to the hood and visit my brother a lot, he just had a child so its been pretty sweet being able to actually chill and see the fam.


Family man.



For a while i was driving do to pittsburgh, to hangout. her is Emilio doing a back 180. Landed it second try.

This is from an old roll from last october. i’ve been working alot lately and i wasnt shooting film. i didn’t think it was worth driving 30 minutes one way to just get one roll developed.


Searights show are always so much fun.



He thinks better sitting in this position.


78450006Halloween nurses


Nahhh you can keep it



This New years the girlfriend came back from to school and she invited me to go to Washington Dc for a couple days to chill with some of her people, and go to a bar for some drinks. I was kinda nervous about meeting her friends though. I mean carrying a camera around with all the time will usually bring up some questions. But once I had a couple drinks in me it was pretty easy to just go into my own world.



Thanks for the warning.


i-dont-know-no-betteri mean who wants to live forever.


what up love?

We ended up going to this club on the first level of the it seem like a regular club  with over expensive drinks and alot of suits. Actually the upstairs of the club was actually a ball room, luckly enough some big brass band was playing, which was way more interesting to take photos of then the club below.



I didn’t mean to catch this girl biting this necklace, if you lool guy with the otter tattoo (what the fuck) there was this cat in a leopard print jacket. I was just drunk off a jack and coke and a few beers and I figured I the cat in the animal skin jacket would of been a good addition to the the blog post. So i waited for him to turn around, but he actually stopped to grab a beer. your boy was slippin.old-head

The upstair was a much older crowd, wearing nice suit and some dresses. A whole different level, I mean people were still getting trashed.

classI am the robot

real-fucking-classyReal fucking classy

i-wish-i-could-say-film-wasnt-coolIts not like I’m some shut in anti-social artist. I just have a small circle; but man there are times when i just meet someone who I can relate to. Honestly its just people who aren’t afraid to admit they aren’t perfect, actually they usually wear their imperfects on their sleeves so much that they look like a POS on the outside, and they might be.. maybe there is some truth to that about myself?. This cats name was kent, I went outside for a cigg after the first night we were there and he walked up and proceeds to bum a cigg off of me. He told me hes been living in Dc for about 15 years, but he was born in Texas and he moved up here for work. His girlfriend kicked him out of the house the day before because he wasn’t down to watch her daughters kid while they both went to work, he was pissed because he couldnt make his own money, he said he’d see me around and he’d repay me for the Smoke. I didn’t expect it though.

78430035Its all derivative


Dc was sick as fuck, so many people and so much stuff to shoot. It was nice getting out of town.  I didn’t really get to explore the city which was just fine with me.  i’m sure ill go back. thanks for the invite jenn, and everyone thanks for reading..

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