Veja de

I’ve heard that taking a break, and choosing to relax is good for the body and mind. I can get behind that idea, with all that’s been going on these last few months in my country, it’s kinda difficult to take a step back from all of life’s stressful situations and put your focus on something else. Using bigotry, fear, and the promise to bring back factory jobs to the dying working class, Donald trump is now the president of the united states. With him banning the EPA from posting information on global warming, putting a halt on federal funding to planned parenthood. Let alone the man has no experience running a country.  You can imagine there is a protest happening, every other month.
It’s 11:16 on a Friday night, i just got back from my bros house; before I left I made sure to finish up the whole bottle of white wine. I didn’t expect the party to end right after that; I’m not going to argue with a free bottle in my gut. Well here I am, home alone drinking another beer, listening to some Kendrick Lamar freestyles on youtube, typing out this post, trying not to fuck up this grammar.
Earlier today I heard a word called Veja De. I tried to search for it on the internet, but nothing came up, but basically Veja de is when you Look at an old project in a new light.
I was going through some photos and I pulled up some 2015/early 2016 images that I thought I should share. It is nice to run through these photos and go back in time, to see what I’ve been up to these past two years.  Also your boy needs to get some new material for this blog. So don’t complain at least I’m proactive.

1The Crew.

These first couple shots were taken the first day I went out to actually street shoot was with Maddy and Emilio. They both lived in Pittsburgh at the time and figured that was a pretty good place to start. There were so many people in the city compared to my small town that I figured it’d be easy to take a couple photos and walk away.

2I know what you’re scared of, the feeling of feeling emotions is inferior.

During the first couple months, I would message people on Instagram asking them for advice. I was told to start shooting at the hip and learn how to work a camera in manual mode. Getting passed the learning curve, wasn’t easy.  I’ve gotten a couple of good shots that way, most of the time shit didn’t work out and most of them  ended up looking like garbage. If you don’t know the settings of a camera, and your shooting at the hip. Most of the time your shots are going to come out looking like garbage.

4That foot.

My first camera was a 10 MP Fuji X10 that I got off of ebay for $200 bones. It’s a pretty stealthy camera, with it’s leaf shutter and small size and color (it was all black and could fit in my pocket). It didn’t have any dials or knobs for the shutter or the aperture so I had to change the settings using the LCD screen on the back of the camera.


5What up cuzo.



fayette-ville-1031Killing myself

0022_22a-copyYou’re in a privileged position to learn something, so keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

I ended up getting a couple pretty cool point and shot cameras for like $2 bones, at the local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  I saw that there was a photo studio in my town, so I figured I might as well go see if they can develop my film (cause Walgreens is trying to charge your boy $16 a roll).
They couldn’t though ( something about the chemicals being extremely expensive), but I ended up getting a pretty cool job offer, but that ended up not panning out either, I guess the assistant was going to leave the shop because she was prego with twins. But she ended up taking the job home. oh well, but I did end up becoming pretty cool with the old head that runs the shop,  holler at you boy with the half off print deals.


hurricane-copyNever fall in love with a street dweller, Rip Hurricane.


brother-shootingFamily man

Ive been told that i need to get a gun so many times. Everyone has there thing, some people are into blow up anime dolls, or some people buy hundreds of books and never read them. I’m trying to buy new cameras and go on trips while i can.


gucciLeather Gucci book bag.

lifes-a-bitchJammed up

456Don’t buy cheap bullets.

yelloBack to Pittsburgh

16-copyHennsey tattoos & black eyes.



I think film will always look better then digital, its probably just me romanticizing it. I remember going through old family photos albums thinking about how amazing the photos looked. I wish I had the money to only shoot film, its just so pricy in my area. Digital is sweet though, super convenient, cheaper, easier for me to learn on.
I can fit hundreds of shots on my sd card, in compared to on have 24-36 shots on a roll of film. At the end of 2016 I saved up enough money to buy a new digital camera. I got myself a fuji x100t 16.3 mega pixels and knobs and dials to control the manual settings, its a blessing compared to my x10.

alecx-copy-copyFishing behind grandma’s house.

visiting-grandmaVisiting gram in the hospital.


untitled-2This small town shows me some love sometimes.

if-i-do-wont-yo1u-wont-do-today-boy-copyI don’t dream when i smoke.

henny  Don’t brag about how you wanna black eye while youre fucked up being a henny boi.

I’m not saying these are the Best photos, im not even saying these are my favorite. Its cool seeing them, maybe its just in hope that ill have the opportunity to take more awesome photos. I guess that’s what this post is about. Sometimes taking a break is for the best, It gives you a new perspective on situations.Maybe, im just trying to justify laziness idk.
Thanks for the read, tell your friend about us and come again.

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