La la la part1

This post was difficult to write, with a blog name like  “KNOWCASHVALUE” its kinda strange to talk about taking trips, buying cameras, and film. It looks like a lot of money is put into taking these photos, but it’s not really a lot of money, it’s just about saving up money and not spending it all on synthetic happiness..I mean i like to smoke, chill with the homies, but i also like paying rent, and going on trips. I’m about living cheap, shit I’m still trying to figure out how to live for free. I’m at least trying to not be a slave to the almighty debt lords for as long as I can.
So who am I to even think about taking a vacation? I went to NYC 8-9 month ago. I went and saw my mother down south in July. Most of my friends never leave the county, shit some of them never leave my small town. So again, I have to ask myself, do I really deserve to go on a vacation? Drugs are killing my friend, paying my friends bills, i could be selling drugs for my family to survive. There are thousands of shitty situations I could be in, that so many others around the world are. Shit, man I could have been born in a third world country, I could have a child with a woman i can not stand being around. So i guess im questioning my struggle, do i really struggle? I don’t live lavish, i don’t eat amazing meals, ive never had a car that wasn’t at least 10 years old. its just a weird situation you know
I do appreciate everything that I have and that is given to me, the free meals I’ve eaten at my friend’s house, the rides I’ve gotten, friends fixing my car knowing I wasn’t going to be able to pay them back. Thank you everyone. A4A, Searights, Filthy3, scario, friends&family.
My girl is out in Cali for school for a couple months. She’s been thinking about staying out there after graduation. She told me to come out and check it out for a week to see if I would like to move out there. Who wouldn’t want to chill in Cali for a week? Chickadee had to work throughout the week so I had some free time to go and shoot. Before I left so many people were telling me how expensive it is to live out there, how most people are soft/fake, and how rent is just ridiculous. The way I see it, it just comes down to how you choose to live. Rent is going to be expensive in any big city. You wanna go out every weekend, shop at bougie vintage stores, you might not be able to eat everynight.




I didn’t think about how big of a difference these made, on my way back from Cali I would have killed for em.

3Walmart stop to cash checks and buy socks.

4You always have to have a full stomach*

6Thanks for the ride to the airport brotha, but that jacket is weaksauce.



9This is when the drugs kicked in, I bet I was twitching in my sleep and freaking people out..

The plane ride on the way there was pretty chill. I haven’t been on a plane in 15 years. So landing a window seat on the way out there was key. Even when the little bastard in front of me puts his seat in recliners mode, then reaches his scummy little hand back to try to close My window, so he can take a proper nap.  I had to  stop him and give him an evil eye that said “Hey man are you willing to cause a scene over this window staying open” he’ll turn around and properly placed a blanket over his eyes. it seemed we had a good understanding, we had a good flight.


10The morning after I got into the city, I took her dog (luna) for a walk through her neighborhood.  I guess its called mid-city or something. The houses are made of something called stucco.

11I don’t think she was happy that I let Luna meet a bunch of homeless people.


Personally I don’t condone letting my pet shit in yards that I don’t own.

She had to go to work the week I was there, so I was able to do my own thing a couple of hours everyday. I haven’t been in a major city to shot by myself so it was kind of difficult to get into the swing of things. I decided to go to Little Tokyo and grab a few drinks before I went off to shoot.

14Little Tokyo isn’t Korea town

1311:00 AM

15cultural strength


self portraits.

17The mall was pretty cool, even though I got kicked out for taking photos inside the stores.

18Hello kitty.


and this is when I got kicked out… time to hit the streets again.

20Victor clothing must be doing well.


2 phones Mazda girl

23There wasn’t much happening so I decided to head back to the crib.

I wasn’t disappointed about lil’Tokyo (future rap name) I got some decent pictures there, but I was just looking for interesting looking people not just buildings. I heard that Hollywood blvd, was popping all the time, so I made my way down there.

24Table service

Hollywood blvd was a good next spot to hit up after Lil Tokyo. Its really the place where I got exactly what I wanted from LA characters.


27he died from Overgold

28Aye my man, my soul stone it’s a brick, and I’m sure it can enlighten you.

99.2% of the time I don’t have a problem with the homeless squatters. Usually they make for the best conversations and some decent stories. Sure I might have to throw out a few duckets, maybe spare a square or two, but overall it ends up being totally worth it. Unfortunately I met these two fucks who kept talking to me about being a level 5 fire sign, releasing some chakra bullshit.


Be whoever you want, you wanna be homeless, walking around trying to get people to join your spirituality religion, and eating your dog’s food. Sick, go for it, im happy for you, you found yourself. But don’t walk around thinking you’re actually apart of the marginalized. People become homeless because of systematic struggles and just being in the wrong place in life, they get treated like old furniture, left outside like garbage,  ignored and forgotten. Being homeless out of spirituality is such a bullshit move, and if you don’t see it I think you should check your privilege.

30Not my shitty thumb


street serenading

33“You wanna watch a movie”
“sure whats it about”
“an author”

34Hollywood blvd was just what I needed for my fix, just so many people and only a 5 hour span to get it. Thanks for reading, I took a lot of photos during my stay. Thanks for taking the time to read and check out the photos. ill have part 2 up soon.

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