LALALA Pt2-Shoobie

The entire week was dope, just massive amount of chillin in good weather. Walking around with the filthy rich, Chillin with girly and her puppo, and going out to explore as much as LA as I could.  We went to the Santa Monica beach one day. Usually I try to stay away from large amounts of water With bone crushing forces. I got in the water for a second just to say I did it, maybe someday your boy will actually learn how to swim, that’d be exciting.

Inside earth

Before and after coffee.

False fear.

Heart attack.

Sun breaking out, on my walk to get smokes.



Spoils of vacation boyf.

beach-lifeDriving up the PCH

shitAfter driving  up the PCH for an hour, we finally got to Santa Monica beach.

We can live under the pier in some little make shift island?

The pier was sweet, I got some pictures, and I noticed that is where panhandling went down in its purest form. I don’t care how you hustle for that deadly green back, to each his own, panhandling for money, and asking for money are two different things.  Being a bum  you cannjust ask for some money, if they don’t have anything to give you just back away, don’t get all crazy. Panhandling is a whole other game, there is a right and wrong way to do it.  You have to have style, and actually look like you’re enjoying yourself and taking pride in your work.

Loving it


Do not trip.

Venice beach has a strong hippy vibe, with live music, vagrants,  a lot of trash. It was a total different feeling I got when I was one the beach then which I was anywhere else, I wish I would of took more photos, but I was trying to enjoy the experience

If you are at one with natural and you live at the beach are you really homeless?



Bad to the bone.

Another case of over gold.

I was recently told that the reason this bike has handle bars and a steering wheel is because if you have handcuffs on and you could still use the bike.

She wanted to name this one trash panda.. i don’t think she saw about the racial Undertone.


jenny1Being brave with my shutter speed.
Being reckless with my film.

The day was conquered, the beach was chill. Being slightly buzzed the whole time helped. The bums were cool, and the views were beautiful.  I still have to go to the great lakes, and the south of Florida before I am going to feel anyway accomplished with my water game.
Stay tuned for LALALA PT3.

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