Foap Dreams, money schemes

What up everyone, I have to something to admit, now i know this is going to be hard to believe (with the badass photography and constant flow of great content coming from this blog,) but over the pasted couple weeks, it’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been fucking up. I’ve been doing it for all the wrong reasons, I need to drop the arty shit, the “doing it for the love” shit, and start focusing on the paper chase. Just last week, I was sitting on my front porch smoking a square, drinking  my coffee, thinking if there are going to be any perks to the one world government we’re heading for. When I get a message from Filth3, he was ranting about this new photography App that’s sweeping the nation, #Foap. With #Foap I would be able to sell my photos (licensing right and all!!!) to major corporations and everyday citizens for the super sweet deal of $5 dollars a pop.
With the newly founded career opportunity, I would finally be able to put the FUJI down and get that new $7000 dollar monochromatic digital Leica camera, some brand new Nike SB’s; so I don’t have to waste time wiping the dog shit off of my old ones, I can toss them right out and get 10 new pairs all different color-ways. No longer will I have to take baby girl on quick dates to fast food restaurants, where the smell of grease is only subdued by the aroma from the bleach puddle that the pregnant waitress left behind, so she could get back to her already lit square she was smoking before I came in to interrupt her break.
Well shit, i couldn’t be happier, this new money is already burning a hole in my pocket. Everything has a cost, and not recognizing these sacrifices I could easily get caught up and have your boy on some twisted shit. Having a job would hold me back, I’m going to need more time to catch these decisive #Foap moments, so im quitting. I’m going to have to sell my car just so I can be on these street more, you know? catching these real life #Foap moments in real time. The struggle might be real at the beginning, but that’s only going to inspire me to take more photos for that #Foap money. I’ve been grinding for about 2weeks now so sit down and get them wallets out. Gimme that #Foap money.



“Wild life photography is dead”, but in truth is that everybody secretly loves it. I’m sure that there are major corporations out there trying to make a profit off of it. I just need to find my niche in the system.


Tell me this isn’t a perfect photo for a bag of horse feed at the local farm store *free mixtape included.

Usually i try to stay humble, simple and easy living you know? To keep up with the current culture, I’m going to have to bare my teeth. Women aren’t trying to hang-out with a broke mother fucker whining about art, and how most of his friends are over-dosing left and right. This is about money and status, no longer can i work on this blog for free.



Ads for Crown Vics? Rickety sheds? Black lives matter movement? I don’t care what use it for, just pay me.



Zip-loc how you been? wanna show how durable your baggies are in rain storms?


I got something for the Universities; maybe they can cut me a sweet deal on the tuition.


I usually don’t rock jordans, but ill gladly take that money.

Maybe I’m not thinking big enough, i need to make it more obvious to the corporations that I’m willing to sellout. Probably with some hash tags, sprinkle in some name drops of huge multi-million dollar corporations in my blog posts #Vogue, #Ciroc, #Ebony?


Coogi? you still out there?


Bone-thug still got money. right?




You guys see that gravity bong? How about that raw depiction of brotherhood? i figured you would, you see to the untrained eye those are the first things you’ll notice, I see that pringles can, I see that money.


You know what sells just as much as religion, Violence, but it cannot be just any violence, it has to be something socially accepted. I mean as much as I like the idea of a good knife photo, I feel that the big wigs at these large corporate companies know that random violence photos are only for shock value. I needed something that would last long, that they could continuous market.


I was asked to come to an employee boxing match, how about an abandon church being bought out by some professional boxers?



18 magic moments




21Up stairs



All bullshit aside though, this app isn’t for the artist, its for the corporations. I cannot imagine a rational reason to use this app. I understand the need for money, but just get a bullshit job. You’ll make more money that way, and you won’t have to selling your dignity or licensing rights.
The news of this app has opened my eyes to the facts. People who don’t make art, want it bad, and they want it cheap. A lot of work goes into making art, but since it’s an open market (in some circles, it’s not considered actual labor) people tend to believe that they have a right to low-ball the artist for it. With that being said, you can blame the artist, it’s difficult to know what to price your work for, if you aren’t doing it for the money.
There is something fundamentally wrong with our society, our love for money is at an all-time high, we always need to be comfortable; we worship material objects and lifestyle that we see online without seeing the cost. This isn’t on some hippie “everything should be free”, I’ll be the first to admit that I live by the same rules that keep the Society going, Cash Rules Everything Around Me.  As long as the money is right, i’ll gladly take some shots of you for your next modeling career, but if you think I’ll sell one of my photos for $5 dollars (licensing rights and all), I have to ask you” how much crack do you smoke daily?” Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that my photos are worth some extravagant amount of cash,  what I’m saying is you gotta watch yourself when dealing with these quick money schemes, commissions, and just regular fucking people. Everyone wants to be connected with the next big thing just to fill their own pockets, Everyone wants to get art, unfortunately only some can understand it without paying for it. But hey, what do I know?

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