Urban exploring. 

Being from a depressed environment rarely gives me the opportunity to take the most captivating photos, you know? Sure, I can indulge in the negatives of the area, there’s a huge surplus of drug addicts, garbage, fiends, poverty, wasted opportunity, some real bittersweet shit, you know? There are a lot of sad stories I could write about, it’s difficult not to. What about the innocence? what about just doing something positive? If I have to take photos of a depressed area why can’t I scope for the beauty in it?
This last weekend I was invited out on a photo shoot with 5 other photographers and some models. Picture me, all excited about finally being able to try my hand at some portraiture work, but you know how it goes, shit happens, and you can bet that 4 of the 5 photographers canceled last minute, same with the all the models.
I’m an understanding person tho, shit comes up, grandmas need emergency rides to the hospital, tires blow, shit happens that cannot be controlled. But, you can’t tell me you’re blind to the huge trend in our generation; not be committed to anything. No one wants to be dedicated; it’s too much work to be passionate about anything. Once people find out that they have to put in work to be good at something, or they have to be uncomfortable, or sad, they’re quick to jump ship. It’s a trend that needs to be stomped out, if you wanna do some amazing shit, it takes some commitment.


With the photographer and models cancelling, I could of easily stayed in the house, took a nap, and edited some photos. This young photographer, Pratt, hit me up and said he still wanted to go to the abandon apartment buildings. He picked me up about 15 minutes later and we took a ride out to Brownsville to check the spot out.



4Broken English




9Creative writing is a dead art.

Lovebirds chirping at my window.”





jonasJonas- TGM



DSCF0089 Rooftop chilling

I dont know if i would call tLovebirdsitive post, we didnt get robbed for our gear, there werent any cops involved. We didnt find any corpses, so i guess it was a good day ( I might of gotten a couple more decent flicks if one of those things did happen). Maybe we can go back and just chill there, I’d like to get somemore photo of the place.

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