Truth is most people are like squirrels, seriously have you ever been chillen on the back porch and you spot a squirrel grubbing on a walnut at the bottom of a tree, and seconds later a stick falls, or you make a sudden movement and the little rodent takes off running? Completely forgetting about dinner? Yea, that’s how I see most people, were easily distracted. Most of the time our lack of focus can get us caught up in some bull-shit that we cannot afford to be in. Minding you business is a lost art form, while some people are so eager to spread the word of there accolades, the real champs are out here letting there shit sizzle before it pops. While most want to be in the drama, the smart cats dont venture near that shit, and stay focused on their goals.
Even though I’ve been working to keep my squirrel mind focused on my goals, I realize that sometimes you have to relax and reconnect, there has to be some type of balance between focus and squirreling around. Sometimes you gotta fuck around with some friends and not pay attention to your goals, taking breaks are heavy needed, if you don’t you might start forgetting the people who actually matter. Building relationships is very important,  in the beginning it took time for my friends to become comfortable with me carrying this camera around.

Just this last weekend I was invited to go camping with some real close friends, for some drink, smoke and some good R&R. My boy invited me to go with his girl and his two younger siblings, I don’t know how I get invited to these outings, but I will say that I do appreciate the invitations.
It’s all about connecting with people as best as you can, learning who really has your back and who is trying to get you caught up. There are snakes out there, fools ready to test you, and see if they can get you to break.

tattooozone1Had to stop at the lumber yard, might as well as get my boy to jump on the cat walk and model for me.


2back on the road.



SweetD2Sweet dee.


ganggangSlaves to the selfie culture

DSCF1016I wish i would of got my photos of the antics we had on this golfcart, but you cant always have your eye in The viewfinder.


something sinister to it

whoo kiddGoodnight

flipGood morning

the crowdRan into my brother and his family, its dope seeing him.

Family man

good godI had to tell my brother we’d hit him up later, we were on our way into the forest.

udkddOde to men

Ode to the boys




braingotta poop 3 Its all derivative.

thsnk youThanks for buyong me icecream.


Everyone is reaching, either they’re reaching down to pull you up, or they’re reaching up to pull you down. Everyone has their own selfish needs and wants a piece of the cake. Happiness is something everyone strives for, some find it in sketchy ass pursuits of of fuckery, there are snakes out here, its hard to spot them.  People will tell you anything you want to here if they want something from you, some are very good at it. At times, one may feel like a close friend, they might even throw a little honestly your way just to make sure they got you on their hook. The best advice i can give you about spotting out a snake is watch their actions before you believe a word they say, the ones who smile at you are most likey the one trying to get you caught up. It’s all about honesty, and being genuine, reach down to pick someone up, is always a risk.

Hey guys thank you for the invite, i needed a reminder of who has my back. Also to the the readers of this shitty blog thanks for coming through aand being more didicated to this shit.  I have aa couple plans these next comple weeks before the big move, so stay positive for a brotha. Check you later

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