Land of milk & honey

Your boy finally made it out to the Golden state, where the streets get so hot you’ll get a fine for walking your dog if it’s too hot out, where there is a vegan restaurant on every corner, right next to a dispensary. I’ve been here for about 2 weeks, and it’s so strange how people always seem way happier, are always saying Hello and smiling at me, real friendly and shit, it’s true what they say about people being more laid back on the west coast, idk if its because of the Carbon emissions or the legal drugs. Maybe it’s the  underground art scene, or maybe the scenic mountain views.

San Jacinto Mountain was dope. The tram was insane, tops out at 10,000 feet above sea level.

Vacation ladies


Gets on Facebook live to let people know she’s high.

Eaton Canyon

Legs and Luna



City boy

Nature is cool, but i think the real fun is in the city, there is always something to look at, or someone. People are fickle in the city, their is a lot of phony people bragging about fake money, sometimes I’ll meet someone who is pretty cool, and not made of plastic. Finding decent people isn’t going to be to be easy though. You hear a lot about a place when you aren’t from there, with LA I kept hearing  “land of opportunity”, and it is, but there is something wrong about this place. It’s in between depressing and happy.

aThe land of milk and honey

red car face lighten
On a mission


rapidThe city has so much money, but providing any help for the homeless isn’t the main priority.

DSCF2108 - Copy

I only got offered drugs once, I was hanging out on skid row and some cat walks up to me asking if I’d like to buy some stamps (Heroin).

Dinner with strangers


I ended up going to this event called “GlazedLA”, it was an art show with live painting, drinks, and some expensive art. The art was dope, it’s from that era of street art with outlandish characters and bright colors.


Jenny dounuts

shit on the floor
pocket jesus
Did i mention there was a DJ room

All around LA is dope, it has nature and cityscapes, art and culture lives right next to the rich and the homeless. Open ignorance & street smarts. Maybe I’ll be able to grow to love the city like my own hometown. Maybe I’ll meet some decent people and be able to to develop more, anyway thank you for reading.

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