DTLA (How you been?)

With its population of 9 million Los Angeles residents, it’s hard not to notice the diversity between race’s, class’s and religions. Downtown towards the fashion district, I see so many people in different classes, asking for change or directions.


I mean, of course there is always something going in down town on it’s the city populated with 28,000 residents.  Ill always be able to find something to shoot if I look hard enough, but what if I focus on just shooting what this city really is? The backwards thinking the city has towards its most dense population? The marginalized? The huge underground street culture it has, not just people rocking “The Hundreds” t- shirts. What about the graffiti?

DSCF2307What about the Wildlife?

all lives matter

Dale oin the hallwayCulture

5 editionNo voice, cancer. Playing violin over hiphop Beats for a chance to take some change outta your pockets. hug your mom.


I never feel bad for taking photos of homeless people, shit I take photos of people, it’s what I do. I’ve heard people say its bad taste, and if that’s what you want to believe, shit more power to you. Im not here to try change opinions or to justify my photos. If I’m trying to do anything, I’m hoping that you can look at a photo and see that you can always help someone out. Face it, if you’re reading this post comfortably, from your couch, or car, on your smart phone, than you’re in a better living situation than the 60k homeless residence in LA county.

whats leftThis place only sales $150-$200 dollar Jordan’s, but the shades free.

12 tribes2“I’m an Israelite, don’t call me black no more”

During my walks I come across a lot of  of different groups, recently i found myself infront of a group of black Isrealite’s, i stopped and listened to their speeches, I try to be open minded, you know, knowledge is power.  I understand having something to believe in, you have to have something to keep pushing you forward. But, I don’t know if I can ever get behind this type of thinking, you have to understand that were all fuck’d in this world. We are all slaves; to the media, the government, to our wants and needs for comforts.
Our governments have fuck’d us, were all going to die from cancer, or heart disease due to what we put in our bodies. It’s the sad reality of it all, why would I waste my time hating another human who technically has nothing done to me?  Why would I even waste my time and energy thinking that every person with a white skin was evil? To me it sounds like a complex of self-hate. You have to rise above them feelings, all they do is slow you down.

NVM…Fuck it

selenaBidi Bidi Bom Bom

So I landed a job here, it’s at a shitty grocery store a block away from the apartment. When in the first few weeks I got the swing of things, but one day, a security guard walked up to me and said “Hey man did you hear Jennifer was leaving? Yea she transferred to another store? You know what that means? We have noone one up top any more”. What he meant by that was there we’re no black people in upper management, and that I should watch my back around the store and try not to step on anyone toes. What confused me is that all my other supervisors are Mexican? I could see if i had a couple white supervisors why he would tell me to watch my back, but even so, this shouldn’t be about colors or race, yes, there is a divide but its not between black or brown, black or white. The divide is between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots.  04

Talking to strangers can seem to be intimidating at first, you don’t know what mood the stranger is in, or if they are 100% crazy. I’ve gotten strange looks and shitty smiles before, usually depending where you’re at has a lot to do with it. The other day I was walking though Persing Square and this lady calls me over to her, and actually started speaking to me first, asking me what type of colored contact she should get, she was thinking blue, I told that hazel would be perfect. You cannot come off as a freak, usually I talk to the person bout there day, and tend to go into conversation, by the end of it all i usually walk away with a photo just because they realize and not a total asshole shoving my camera in there face.

haircutt noise
Sometimes though you have to be sneaky

Nighttime is the right time.

do you careShould i?

lately, I’ve been feeling that less and less matters, not in some apathetic way, but in more of a what is really important kind of way. Focusing on trying to fix the things that really bother me, and what i can let slide, what will and won’t matter in ten years.
I need to start working on a project, documenting things i see around the city.  Gotta remained focused, not get lazy. not succumb to a just doing easy things and working a 9 to 5.  Speaking of that i’m going to finish this coffee and hit the road, its my day off.

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