Last week I was chilling at the house, bummed out that I had to go to work in a few hours, when out of nowhere J looks at me and asks if I wanted go to a #SlutWalk? Amber Rose was hosting the 2017 SlutWalk at Pershing Square in DTLA. Well shit, of course I did, I only had a couple hours though, J loaned me a slightly used roll of film, so I decided to make it the best of it.
Now when I first heard about #SlutWalk i assumed it was just going to be a bunch of naked bitches walking around getting their photos taken. Well, I was almost right, there we’re a bunch of naked chicks and a shitload cameras, but also their we’re speeches. Speeches about equality among women and men, speeches about how sex workers and strippers get treated like shit. How people should feel comfortable in their body; no matter the size, or color of skin, how woman shouldn’t be objectified, but treated with respect no matter how they are dressed.


It’s one day a year where women cannot only celebrate being a women, but they can feel safe doing so, a event where women can walk around half naked without having to worry about being touched or barked at. A place where anyone can feel safe; not just woman but people from the LGBTQ+ community also. It was a pretty dope experience and i wish i could of stayed long to take some flicks, and question my own moral code.

You cant shame sluts, but you always shame nazis

If you think about it, its a damn shame that we had to create an event called “SlutWalk”.   From what i can find on the internet #SlutWalk all started when male cop spoke at an assembly in a Canadian college and said “Women shouldn’t dress like ‘sluts’ if they didn’t want to be sexually assaulted”. Now i can see how the cop came to that idea, i really can, i’ve seen some bitches get stupid drunk and fuck around wearing next to nothing, and get treated like sluts. I’ve also seen woman dressed in sweat pants and flip flops get catcalled, i don’t think it really matters what you wear, most of the time you’re just destined to get objectified, Unfortunately its just apart of the culture. “Rape culture” isn’t talk about in high schools, there wasn’t a “woman aren’t objects” class in my high school career.

loot$3000 dollars around his neck.

Last year I went to a motorcycle rally in the hills of West Virginia, while i was walking through a crowd and someone smacked me in the head while they were doing the nazi salute. Yea, it was weird and i didn’t see it coming, but i was at a biker rally in West Virginia, its not like i didn’t expect to get some hate there, I’d be dumb not to. I didn’t freak out and do a blog post about it, i knew what i was getting into before hand and took the steps to not get caught-up in any shit, but shit still happened, and what i mean by saying this is; i put myself in a position where there was a chance i would received some hate, and i did. If you walk into every situation knowing that people are ignorant, and know that a good 85% of the time people don’t care about the feelings of others, i think you’ll be better off.

If you look up the word “slut” in a dictionary it has no context towards men, I’m pretty sure Webster was a boy.

Its just the horrible part of our culture, but their are things woman can do to  remove the undesired attention. is it fair? No, you shouldn’t have to walking into every situation being defensive, you shouldn’t have to be cautious about what you wear, personally i wish woman could walk around naked all the time, but its not a perfect world. Minorities know this, most oppressed groups know this.

Amber Rose made alot of money at this event

At #SlutWalk Giving out your opinion was must, even if its about your favorite color.




This is one of the only photos that i didnt ask for,  i know you can call me out for the “male Gaze” i’m not denying that, but damn im allowed to like the way a womans body looks, it doesn’t mean im going to run up on her and start barking at her like shes a piece of meat, but, im allowed to appreciate a womans body, im not walking up on her and smack her ass and telling her to meet me at my place at 11 pm and kicking her out around 4 am. You can appreciate a body, or you can lust over one, finding out the difference will help out a lot.

ZorroPussy Power/ hatchet man.



At The event they were giving lessons on how you don’t need to be a Doctor or lawyer to have money.

Not all men are animals,

mike565-051Not all woman are feminist.

I do feel for woman, I  understand why #SlutWalk exist,  Women, Ladies, moms, and friends you cannot be stupid, you can’t play dumb and think that its a very safe world, its not, its not  a fair world either. You gotta watch out for your friends, help them out if there too litty about to go home with some sketchy looking cat, i mean if you care enough.
Writing this post took awhile, what can i say its not an easy subject to write about living in a PC society, im not out here in an ethics class, just piecing things together when i’m not at work. Thank you for you time and  throw some comments down there if you have any opinions, or things to say to enlighten our boy.

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