Jan Recap/Women’s March

Lately, I’ve been thinking about adversity, everyone has some type of shit to go through, there are times when going through some stressful shit can help us grow to be better versions of ourselves.
Stress is something we have power over, to choose not to care, or better said to choose where we put our stress & focus. There is something called “blind adversity” and its a bitch, if someone or something can plant an idea in your head, and you have the mental willpower to make this idea a reality, but not think it though, not only are you putting someone else adversity on your back, you’re taking it off of theirs, so they can relax, while you’re making their life easier.
I don’t know about you but living my life to serve other people isn’t something I can get down with, life is too short to be letting other pick your battles. So my advice to you is the next time you have a moment of clarity, and you can relax and think about what you’re trying to accomplish, think about what makes you happy in life, not what makes things easier for others.

Graff house

street saint
Street Saint

I wish the photo i took after this turned out, the man was actually looking at an iphone with a magnifying glass.

People have their own plans for you, it’s hard to spot let, alone believe. It’s about not being apart of someone else agenda, not by being an asshole, but being able to focus and see if this person or community has your best interests in mind.



best in picture



Towards the end of January, the annual Women’s March was held in DTLA. Now, I’m sure you know I’d be happy to talk about all the problems that come with this protest, the lack of focus, how people stray so far from the point, that the whole protest becomes a platform for everyone to voice their opinions.
The bad thing about that is everyone so focused on their own little steps forward that the idea of a large step for feminism becomes just as small as one of the many other opinions at the protest. But why should I even continue on with my opinions, I was there to take photos.

its all about helping people.

1Everyone has their own agenda at these things.

Over it.


DSCF3028Social media infamy is what its all about.


Found one in Los Angeles. Toynbee

angry dykes


Any other day you can always bet a homeless person will be sleeping in that statue.

womans march one

Everyone has their own opinion on the protest if it failed or if it succeeded. If its good to expose the problems, and draw these lines, or is it better to be sheep. It brings to light women’s issues on a professional and personal level. It got people to rally to together, in a peaceful way. The platform itself isn’t organized correctly, and I don’t know if it’s because of the mixing of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of feminism. If it’s the greedy corporate corporation, consumerism, or the fashion industry belittling the whole idea of the protest.
America is relatively new, we still have a lot of shit to go through before we can properly claim “Greatest country in the world.” If we’re going to love this country, we are all going to need help, we are going to need to protest, but with focus and reason, lose our ego, and all of us need to back off the victim mentality a little.


But what do i know, these opinion aren’t the most thought out, and I’m sure I’m not adding in enough “Social Construct Woe” to make this post seem more informative.
Lets talk about something i do know, about two weeks ago my Fuji camera dropped and the censor is jammed up, I’m trying to save up enough money to get it fixed. Help out by buying a print, or at least email me some encouraging words.

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