Most of the time the continuing condition of being a human has yours truly all cynical and shit. There are only so many homeless people here in LA I can see before it leaves me with a depressed state of mind for a week or two. The constant thought of “if anything really matters” usually keeps my mind pretty occupied, but you know what sometimes you gotta power through the world’s negatives. So with these words and these
photos allow me to distract myself and hopefully distract the visitors of this blog.
Because the woes are still out there, rents getting paid late, they’re still letting psychopaths buy AR-15’s, 75% of us are still in loveless relationships and let’s not forget that the complications global warming are occurring more often than ever. Let’s not put our focus on that, let’s waste some energy mastering the arts of distraction and focus.
This post is actually about me having a good time taking photos at the Annual Chinese New Year festival held in Chinatown. With 2018 Being the year of the dog it’s also the year of Loyal gullibility, how can I be mad at that?
First and foremost Chinatown is dope, you can get cheap fruits and veggies out the back of a sketchy truck, while a one-legged homeless person sits next to the truck asking for change with his good foot resting on his skateboard. Its a place where the colors of the buildings are so bright that you forget all about the woes of society.

vENMOVenmo aqua?

At the beginning of the event, I made a promise to myself, that I would use all the film that I brought with me. Now that means this post is going to be filled with what most of you would consider filler; but how else am I suppose to give you my overall experience?

2018 is going to play out exactly like that episode of Rick and Morty, when snowball the family dog takes over the world.



Lets carry these mutts everywhere, the streets of Chinatown were covered in confetti and right underneath that is most likely shit. I’m noticing its perfectly legal to poop on the ground in any major city.

750 fLAG
I promise you somewhere under that confetti is shit, most likely human.



I’ve seen these dragons before but never knew what they were about, it turns out that they aren’t dragons, but actually lions. Every new year the people celebrate dressed up as these lions, marching in the parade and performing the Lion dance. The dance is supposed to scare the evil spirits away and bring good luck for the rest of the year.



Yeshua, got your back… way back.


fat kim
Kim Gotta Phatty


Service Animal/Animal Service.


Its was a good time even though I still haven’t been about to get my digital camera fixed. I’m fine with the Minolta film camera i have, its not an auto focus camera so i can’t just shoot at the hip and expect to get a good shot. I have to  line up the shot while looking through the viewfinder and focusing the lens manually. its a pain because sometimes i miss the shot.

The say red is the color of good luck.

Dope AOT


It’s your year!!



As I look back on the Chinese New Years Festival the colors of the building and the confetti in the air, it reminds me I used to have so much fun making pictures. The process of figuring out what exactly I’m trying to do with the camera, I think that I’ve been in a funk the last few months, so unfocused and confused. I’m still trying to find the pulse of the city, the rhythm of Los Angeles isn’t something that’s easy to hear. It’s a clusterfuck out here, and there is always something happening. It’s like going to a music festival and all the bands are playing at the same time, it’s tricky to just find the right rhythm to step to.
The Film camera helps also, it gives me time to think about my shots, instead of just shooting randomly. I’m glad the Festival helped me recognize the issue. let’s hope I can keep this mindset; it’s nice to find my focus. Thank you for coming to visit.

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