Swan song

A while back I was talking about how my Fuji camera broke, yep the shit slipped right off my neck and on to the ground once I landed at the Pittsburgh airport. She didn’t even have a mark on her from the drop, no cracks in the body or the lens. It’s still a shitty experience, but I’m saving up money to send her back to Fuji to get her all fixed up.
What experience I’m here to talk about is why I was on the flight in the first place.
A couple nights before the flight I got a text message from my family saying that my grandmother had passed away in her sleep at the age of 85. So yea, after missing the first flight (Shout out to my Lyft driver, Eric, you bastard) I just hopped on the red eye to Pitt international so I could be in PA By 9 AM. By 9:45 my camera slipped off my neck and hit the ground.
Under the circumstances, it didn’t seem like a huge deal, I packed my SLR film camera anyway. So what if lost a couple photos of the lift off? I still had 3 fresh rolls of film, and I was just going to be hanging out with my family while I was there anyway, so picture me letting the spilled milk get me down… even if the milk cost $950 a glass.



Self portrait



Xander and his mom



“Oh you moved out to Cali? That’s cool, I used to live out there, I once robbed a bank one week and tried to cash a check at the same bank a week after. Yea, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but what can I say I was doped up.”

family matters


How i handle funerals isn’t really the social norm, instead of treating them like sad events I go into it by paying my respects and thinking back on all the lessons I’ve learned from the departed. Thinking about the good times and the bad times too.
Sure I’m going to miss anyone who is close to me, but it would only be selfish to be too upset. look up events called “Home goings” they aren’t filled with funeral filled sadness, it’s more of a celebration, a connection back with the creator. It’s all about appreciation of the time and effort you spent with the departed.


Aunt DeeDee



Thank you





The culture we’re living in runs parallel to the fast-paced lifestyle and subtly lighthearted emotional memes we see every day. You don’t need to be living in a huge metropolis to know what the hottest trends are or where they started.
Even in small towns, thanks to the advent of smartphones, social media has been keeping us thoroughly entertained. We don’t need to have strong dinner conversations to figure out how our ❤ ‘ed ones are feeling, all we need to do is see what side of the emotional spectrum the most recent meme they dm’d us falls under.




I can finally proclaim originality among my counterculture peers. Light leaks? check, some overexposed pictures, you know it. Random objects with some muted colors thrown in? You know I got that and the sweetest part is that I’m able to say that I overpaid for my prints. Aww, Yea the sweetest cream on this cake, I’m just fuckin with you, but honestly looking back at these photos I do love my film camera, sorry that I couldn’t post more photos, the ones that turned out are great. I’m glad that I was only able to use it during my trip.


Always have time for salvation army.


Pitt to Lax 5am till 9AM


America has a way with words, we chop them up and make them cheap, we bastardize them and take the true meaning of a word and beat it until they fit into the sentences we’d like to see it in. There are no exceptions to the to rule, words that are supposed to carry the most meaning have been replaced with emojis and words without a strong enough meaning don’t even get one, they just lose their meaning altogether.
The word “family” is a tricky one, it comes from the Latin word “Famulus” which meant Servant, but somewhere between 6th Century BC and the late 90’s the meaning of the word was changed from servant to Relative. Sometime during the 90’s ( probably because of Debt, and social construct) the word has gone back to its original meaning.
I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know where any of you are from, but what I can say is you should always remember where you came from, you should always show the respect to the ones who raised you.

Thanks for coming through and don’t forget to tell your friends and family to check us out.

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