Sit down, shut up and get in the car. We’re going for a ride”

The continual conditions that we live through while being alive is as universal as drinking water; Each of us have to take an abundance of loss, it’s part of the deal. Sometimes the losses are small, miniscule in the big picture, but there are times when the losses are so overwhelming that it seems like you’ll never get out from under them. Over here at knowcashvalue we take pride in our losses, we scribe them on our bodies like tallies on a chalkboard for the world to see; as if to say “look everyone, were human after all”. Most recently this site has taken a huge loss; one of the original content creators has left the earth and we would like to honor this post with some images from the very beginning.

Abandoned Youth

That time you asked me about my mother. I told you I haven’t seen her in 12+ years due to a family divorce. During the week that followed; you added her on social media and the next Thursday you randomly picked me up from my house at at midnight and we drove until 830 Am Friday morning till we got to her house.

I remember it was getting late on the pier and you wanted to keep on fishing and I crashed and went to bed early, you kept fishing and when I woke up the next morning you were bragging about catching baby sharks off the pier, and how I was a sissy because I crashed.

I’m not sure what is on the other side of the veil, if there is an afterlife I can’t wait to smoke a blunt with you and talk about that time I couldn’t pay the rent so I moved into the condemned house you had recently purchased. It was during the winter months, when it was negative 4 degrees, and the best we could do was smoke and watch whatever shitty dvds you had, trying to keep the fire place rolling. I feel like I’ve seen the Simpson season 1 disk 3 at least 50 times. If there isn’t an afterlife and it all goes blank, then I’m glad I got to know you in this life, thanks for the good times and the life lessons.

Rest in power Filth3.

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