it’s been misreable outside, hot enough that I could crack an egg on my car and throw some bacon and cheese on the hood, I’m sure I’ll be eating well in no time (Let me take a minute to thank the A.C gods, my car has been blowing cool since day one me). Recently I was invited to go rafting with the crew, at first I turned the offer down; rafting isn’t ever in my plans. unfortunately going out and searching for large bodies of water has never made it on the bucketlist. I was asked more then once to go, the first time I declined due to the fact I couldn’t swim. The second time I made a decision that it would be worth the risk, I mean how else am I going to have fun if I am not trying new things.



When you wanna smoke but you can’t smoke on the nice new raft, so you have to post up in the smokers tube.

Mud water, Fayette County.

Pluto & M

3 hours later, we were headed towards the shoreline when we spotted this random child playing in the water alone. M decided to to try and talk to him, of course I took the opportunity to make some photos while the others did the deflating work.


Before you even say it, I know this post is lacking. Where are all the Emotionlly impacting photos that we all expect to see? This post isn’t as exciting as it could of been, but what can I say? This was a peaceful time with the crew, not every experience has to be dramatic, can’t I have some calm waters before the storms? I don’t know how to swim, and taking a camera on the raft isn’t something most photographers would do. It was nice chilling to with half of the crew. It can be a such depressing world; most of the time it seems like we’re losing. Finding the time to chill and relax should be really the main goal. We’re trying our best to keep the site afloat, throw us some content in the pittsburgh area and we will come and shoot it, till then be safe and relax this summer.

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