10 clout commandments

There has been a lot of talk about the term “Clout” among my inner circle. I thought it would be interesting to speak about some of what I’ve learned about clout on this post.  If I had to give “Clout” a definition to someone who has never heard of the term; it would probably go something like this Clout : The Response one receives from society and peers, because of the social impact one has on their community. Now that is just my general definition, I’m sure you could spend a week listening to modern rap music and have your own solid based definition of it. I wouldn’t call this post a deep dive but slight overview of the word and its impact on our culture.
To simplify things we’ve decided to give you this post in a list format. 10 clout commandments that when followed correctly, will point you in the right direction on your way to Mt.Clout.


1: Clout doesn’t live in the realm of good and evil (Clout has no moral standard)

Now first things first, when working with the definition provided it can easily be said that clout doesn’t live in the realm of good or evil, its moral standards are based on opinions of the society. No matter what you’re going to do you’re going to have haters, sometimes justifiable hate & and sometimes petty indifference. It’s more of society’s own perception that your actions will be judged with, so I wouldn’t put too much into what others say about how one receives clout.


2: Getting clout is easy, keeping it is the hard part.
Getting clout is easy; it has little to do with being  a decent human being, a decent personality, caring about anything of substance, or completing any serious goals. All you have to do is take that annual income tax money, get a couple outfits and wear them when you go out, it ain’t a problem. Have your photographer friends take a couple dope photos of you so you can flex on Instagram and bam it’s like magic instaclout. But we’re going to need you to pay for some new outfits in about a month if you wanna keep your influencer status.



3: Never diss a homie to gain clout:
Now trust me this isn’t something that is easy to do, sometimes we have friends that are going through some emotional issues, having them act all weird. It’d be so easy to use them as a target to impress some outside faces and gain that clout. But, that never looks good if members of the crew over hear you talking negative about the homie.
We call this side-dissing. There are these snake like friends that tend to be allowed in the group, which isn’t that big of a deal, until it’s time to gain some clout and you aren’t around.  You gotta watch friends like this, you don’t need to weed them out, if you’re in a solid crew they’ll end up weeding themselves out.


4: You don’t need to go to every party to gain clout. Allow them time to miss you. (But you need to go to some so you can keep it.)

You gotta keep people at a distance so they remain curious about your come up (also on the night you stay home you’ll be able to save money and think of new one liners so when you do go out with your friends you’ll be able to impress them while also reminding them of how clout full you are).


5: Clout can be faked, so watch out
I’ll let you on a big secret, all clout is a fake, no lie and not everyone knows this. This is some top clout master info so keep it under your hat. At the end of the day you’ll be able to call someone out on their fake clout, while concealing your own weakness.


6: While playing this clout game, know that game can be stolen
Doesn’t matter if they’re in the same room or if it’s from the other side of the world, all they need is a working cellphone and a constant view of your clout. People will steal your sauce without you even noticing until it is too late. It starts off small; maybe them complementing you on your gear, you know, to get you buttered up.  Then they ask where you got your gear, it’s all downhill after that. We have ways of cancelling out their tactics though, but we aren’t telling our ways. Secrets are meant to be kept.


7: Watch out for clout coat tail riders
Every wonder why a stranger you’ve never met knows so much about you?
It could be your achievements, or negative aspects of your life that you’d rather strangers not know about. This occurrence happens when someone in the family has been talking too much and dropping names, and pick up some of your clout. People just love leeching so much, what do you expect?


8: Don’t let clout chasing have you leaving the wrong people behind
(Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend)
 People chase clout in hope of a better life. During the chase, people tend to come & go in and out of your life. Sometimes they aren’t heavy losses. Half of your friends are out here trying to steal your clout anyway, so more than likely it’s better to cut your losses. Just know who really got your back and who is out for the come up.


9:Never spend money dressing up to gain clout
If you ever look up the price of the gear all these famous sound cloud rappers are wearing,  you’d realize all these cats are acting foolish, forgetting where they came from. It doesn’t take much more than a clout lord wearing $250 belt for me to acknowledge a sucker. Ain’t no one getting paid off clout, other than the Versace and Hermes . 


10: Jail time clout is the best clout

How could we forget the best kind of clout? It’s the stuff rap careers are made out of.

Unfortunately, jail time clout is a double edged sword; you will lose clout for going to jail, getting caught up never looks good. Spending an extended time away from the homies is also a bad look, but the clout gain you’ll receive is what you need to focus on. You are going to have to get a tattoo, maybe a couple. I’m not just talking about a single face tat either (but a face tat is a definite must), you’re going to have to get at least 10. Also, you’re  going to have to join a gang (where most of these tattoos will come from).
So while you’re in there you’ll also need to think ahead, save up all the money you can so when you get out you’ll be able to buy a Macbook and download garage band so you’ll be able to let the people know you are out of jail.


Now is clout necessary? God, I wanna say no. I wanna say that this is a satire post and that it doesn’t really matter. It is a made up word that only gains praise because of social media, but the more research I’ve done in my studies in the way of clout mastery, the more enlightened I’ve become.
We are living in a society where word of mouth is taken more serious than proven skill. In some cases I’ve seen a company that hired a photographer for a product shoot pick a person for the job not based on skill, but on Instagram clout alone, tallying up followers and likes, instead of contacting the photographer and questioning their knowledge.
But can you have clout and still be an authentic person? I’m sure it’s possible, there is a thin line you have to walk though. Not only do you have to keep the people entertained, but also you have to have a good reputation. You cannot treat people like trash, and you cannot go off balling out on some shit that isn’t relatable to your audience.

Thank you.

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