Urban exploring. 

Being from a depressed environment rarely gives me the opportunity to take the most captivating photos, you know? Sure, I can indulge in the negatives of the area, there’s a huge surplus of drug addicts, garbage, fiends, poverty, wasted opportunity, some real bittersweet shit, you know? There are a lot of sad stories I could […]


My last couple days roaming the city’s steets were short lived and slightly depressing. At first I went to Beverly hills to live it up with the filthy rich, but i got really bummed out when I went to a Gallery were I saw “priceless” works of art. Salvador Dali Sculptors worth $32.000 dollars, standing […]

When Sept ends….

The hot summer sun is on its way out; and its starting to become black Dickie toboggan and black hoody weather . I cant lie September Has been good to us. We aren’t letting the worlds negatives take us to hell. Life has its ups and downs; we all go through it though; so who […]