Most of the time the continuing condition of being a human has yours truly all cynical and shit. There are only so many homeless people here in LA I can see before it leaves me with a depressed state of mind for a week or two. The constant thought of “if anything really matters” usually […]


Last week I was chilling at the house, bummed out that I had to go to work in a few hours, when out of nowhere J looks at me and asks if I wanted go to a #SlutWalk? Amber Rose was hosting the 2017 SlutWalk at Pershing Square in DTLA. Well shit, of course I […]

DTLA (How you been?)

With its population of 9 million Los Angeles residents, it’s hard not to notice the diversity between race’s, class’s and religions. Downtown towards the fashion district, I see so many people in different classes, asking for change or directions. ❤ I mean, of course there is always something going in down town on it’s the […]

Land of milk & honey

Your boy finally made it out to the Golden state, where the streets get so hot you’ll get a fine for walking your dog if it’s too hot out, where there is a vegan restaurant on every corner, right next to a dispensary. I’ve been here for about 2 weeks, and it’s so strange how […]


My last couple days roaming the city’s steets were short lived and slightly depressing. At first I went to Beverly hills to live it up with the filthy rich, but i got really bummed out when I went to a Gallery were I saw “priceless” works of art. Salvador Dali Sculptors worth $32.000 dollars, standing […]

LALALA Pt2-Shoobie

The entire week was dope, just massive amount of chillin in good weather. Walking around with the filthy rich, Chillin with girly and her puppo, and going out to explore as much as LA as I could.  We went to the Santa Monica beach one day. Usually I try to stay away from large amounts […]

La la la part1

This post was difficult to write, with a blog name like  “KNOWCASHVALUE” its kinda strange to talk about taking trips, buying cameras, and film. It looks like a lot of money is put into taking these photos, but it’s not really a lot of money, it’s just about saving up money and not spending it […]