10 clout commandments

There has been a lot of talk about the term “Clout” among my inner circle. I thought it would be interesting to speak about some of what I’ve learned about clout on this post.  If I had to give “Clout” a definition to someone who has never heard of the term; it would probably go […]


it’s been misreable outside, hot enough that I could crack an egg on my car and throw some bacon and cheese on the hood, I’m sure I’ll be eating well in no time (Let me take a minute to thank the A.C gods, my car has been blowing cool since day one me). Recently I […]

Foap Dreams, money schemes

What up everyone, I have to something to admit, now i know this is going to be hard to believe (with the badass photography and constant flow of great content coming from this blog,) but over the pasted couple weeks, it’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been fucking up. I’ve been doing it […]

Artist Endeavors: Mulu

When I first picked up my camera I was focused on street photography, learning composition, and the history of the game. Taking portraits wasn’t apart of the plan. To tell the truth, I thought that shit was kinda whack. The only experience I had with portraiture before was back when I was in high school, […]


My last couple days roaming the city’s steets were short lived and slightly depressing. At first I went to Beverly hills to live it up with the filthy rich, but i got really bummed out when I went to a Gallery were I saw “priceless” works of art. Salvador Dali Sculptors worth $32.000 dollars, standing […]

Old rolls,new year

Damn, these winter month are fucking miserable. The only time I catch myself leaving my house is when i’m leaving for work, or on the rare occasion one of my friends picks up the phone. Its not secret that the winter effects on emotions, bring out cuffing season, and the loneliness comes out in full […]