Swan song

A while back I was talking about how my Fuji camera broke, yep the shit slipped right off my neck and on to the ground once I landed at the Pittsburgh airport. She didn’t even have a mark on her from the drop, no cracks in the body or the lens. It’s still a shitty […]

Veja de

I’ve heard that taking a break, and choosing to relax is good for the body and mind. I can get behind that idea, with all that’s been going on these last few months in my country, it’s kinda difficult to take a step back from all of life’s stressful situations and put your focus on […]

Old rolls,new year

Damn, these winter month are fucking miserable. The only time I catch myself leaving my house is when i’m leaving for work, or on the rare occasion one of my friends picks up the phone. Its not secret that the winter effects on emotions, bring out cuffing season, and the loneliness comes out in full […]

October times

I’ve been thinking about time travel lately, not like some ridiculous object that can travel through time, like a hot tub or a phone booth, nah my shit wouldn’t be lame like that… i would hope it would be something edible probably be some pill, or cosmic brownie. I’d probably go and shoot some historical […]

Lonely people

I’ve been thinking about loneliness a lot lately. Not on some cry baby bull shit; not like being a cry baby on social media posting new selfies every day, half nude photos, or lame ass memes just because you cannot find anything in life to make you whole so you use social media for validation. […]


Over the pasted couple of month if you wanted to catch me id usually be in the hood chillin with my brother. Probably drinking a 40 while pondering life vast infinite cesspool of problems. Im lucky and I count my blessing as much as I can remember to, this last weekend I drove up to […]