“Sit down, shut up and get in the car. We’re going for a ride” The continual conditions that we live through while being alive is as universal as drinking water; Each of us have to take an abundance of loss, it’s part of the deal. Sometimes the losses are small, miniscule in the big picture, […]

When Sept ends….

The hot summer sun is on its way out; and its starting to become black Dickie toboggan and black hoody weather . I cant lie September Has been good to us. We aren’t letting the worlds negatives take us to hell. Life has its ups and downs; we all go through it though; so who […]

August 8/29/16

This august I didn’t go down to Pittsburgh to shoot street,  actually it was mainly a month to chill in Fayettenam with the boys and girls. i went to the county fair with the boys drunk and zoning on some shrooms. Took a 9 hour drive to NC to visit family for 1 day. Onwasa […]