“Sit down, shut up and get in the car. We’re going for a ride” The continual conditions that we live through while being alive is as universal as drinking water; Each of us have to take an abundance of loss, it’s part of the deal. Sometimes the losses are small, miniscule in the big picture, […]


My last couple days roaming the city’s steets were short lived and slightly depressing. At first I went to Beverly hills to live it up with the filthy rich, but i got really bummed out when I went to a Gallery were I saw “priceless” works of art. Salvador Dali Sculptors worth $32.000 dollars, standing […]

Boys in the jungle pt1

Back in April I went on a vacation to NYC with my boy Emilio. Now I know most normal folks get can afford to take lavish vacations to one biggest city’s in the world just to take some shitty street photos that you will see just by running through the #NYCstreetphotography hashtag; don’t get it […]